Evangelos grew up splitting his time between Athens, Greece, and upstate New York. It was while attending high school in Athens that he became interested in the rap scene, picked up paper and pen, and began writing. He credits the poetic works of Tupac as one of his biggest influences.
Kari Lee comes from a family of dancers, so it’s no surprise that she’s danced most of her life. She shows her dedication with the tattoo “Soul beyond steps” on her hip. It was because of dance and her love of performing that she made the transition into singing.
When 21 year old Jared Sanford made it to the semi-finals in a local singing contest, he knew one thing for sure: it was time to tell his family that he could sing. This wasn’t an easy task for the 6’4” carpenter; after all, his life seemed to be on a path that followed his father and his father’s father. A path that included a hammer, not a microphone.
At the age of 12, Lia Scott picked up her first guitar. Two weeks later she was giving her first performance outside a local Barnes & Noble, playing an acoustic version of the Jason Mraz hit, "I'm Yours." It was clear from the start that this 12-year old had something special. But that wasn’t all – she also aspired to be the voice of inspiration.