I have never been a fan of company mission statements. I think they are absolutely bullshit. The thought that a beverage company can inspire optimism or that sneakers can somehow create innovation in athletes around the globe sounds ridiculous to me. I mean, I believe in the concept. I think every person or company out there should have a guiding light, a basic set of principles that outline the integrity of the business, detail the core values and business practices that are proprietary to their area of expertise, a pathway to success... Yep, that’s it; a heaping pile of bullshit.

Look, here’s the deal. We believe in a couple things around here... We believe that we make great music. We also believe that music leaves this place uninhibited and well intentioned to make feet tap, heads nod and smiles widen (: That’s really the bottom line.

Our artists cover a variety of styles In fact, there is no particular genre for us. Some of the artist have a pop/punk feel or a hip/hop feel or a club feel. To be perfectly honest, our music is designed to be popular, it’s designed to make you feel good and every now and then raise your awareness to a different social consciousness (uh, that really means that we have a rapper who hates the system and he sometimes talks about it in his records...).

So what’s with the name, Playground? If truth be told, one of my friends came up with name Playground Records. I was looking for something that could appeal to everyone. I know, It’s a bit cliche’ but it has a nice ring to it. ( : And ultimately, I thought the tone of the name fit what we were trying to accomplish here at the label.

I hope you all enjoy your visit...


Damien J. Cornwell