Jared Sanford

When 21 year old Jared Sanford made it to the semi-finals in a local singing contest, he knew one thing for sure: it was time to tell his family that he could sing. This wasn’t an easy task for the 6’4” carpenter; after all, his life seemed to be on a path that followed his father and his father’s father. A path that included a hammer, not a microphone.
The next big shock came when Jared, one of three finalists, sang “Another One Gone,” a song he had written about a friend struggling with addiction to meth. The raw, heartfelt, performance brought the crowd to their feet, both crying and smiling at the incredible moment just witnessed. The moment that everyone knew that soon Jared Sanford would soon be a household name. Yes, the guy who auditioned just weeks before in a t-shirt, jeans, and work boots, straight from the job and sweaty, won first place and a recording session with On Point Productions.
Once in the recording studio, Playground Records was quick to snatch him up. Described as a modern day Peter Gabriel with the tonality of Sting, Jared stays true to himself by writing about serious issues and the real struggles of everyday life. His first single “Addiction,” is a reflection of his own battle to quit smoking. It’s haunting and honest and hints at his strong reggae influence.