Kari Lee

Kari Lee comes from a family of dancers, so it’s no surprise that she’s danced most of her life. She shows her dedication with the tattoo “Soul beyond steps” on her hip. It was because of dance and her love of performing that she made the transition into singing. She quotes Jason Mraz as her biggest influence, sporting another tattoo that reads, “Hold your own, know your name, go your own way” from his song “Details in the Fabric.”
In 2008, Kari Lee became a vegetarian for health reasons. Two years later, she turned to veganism after seeing an animal activist’s speech at Georgia Tech, saying, “It totally changed my perspective on animal rights.” She is very passionate in all that she does – giving everything she’s got.
The petite blond with the big brown eyes has been described as Ke$ha meets Carrie Underwood. She has a sweet voice with a big sound that is a bit on the edgy side.