Lia Scott

At the age of 12, Lia Scott picked up her first guitar. Two weeks later she was giving her first performance outside a local Barnes & Noble, playing an acoustic version of the Jason Mraz hit, "I'm Yours." It was clear from the start that this 12-year old had something special. But that wasn’t all – she also aspired to be the voice of inspiration. Lia brings out emotion through her songs. She has a distinctive voice that is both powerful and smooth. Her first single, "Blind” deals with her personal struggle with being bullied and her choice to stay positive. The message of her song is to embrace originality, and stay true to your dreams even when others try to hold you back. When asked about her new outlook on life she references her favorite lyric, "I pay no mind to the negative kind, ‘cause that's just no way to be” from Christina Aguilera’s “Here to Stay.” Her musical influences include Aguilera, along with Taylor Swift.